Apex Nanotek Corporation was founded in 2003 in Taipei, Taiwan and is the first manufacturer to be awarded an official registration as a nanotechnology manufacturer in Taipei . The company has developed and incorporated significant key nanotechnologies in the fields of biotech, material enhancements and nano-scale measurements. The company has filed nine pending patent applications in five categories with the U.S. , China and Taiwan patent offices. Apex has considerable experiences in dealing with difficulties commonly seen in the nano-material manufacturing process.

Apex Nanotek has published several technical articles in major publications and newspapers including BioTech magazine, Industrial Times Newspaper, Economy Newspaper and Taiwan Evening Times. The short term goal of the company is to facilitate the development of new and more efficient nanotech manufacturing process to aid in the eventual availability of end products in IT, Biotech, Environmental and even household products based on the technology. The mid to long term goal is to foster the technological foundation needed to develop intelligent materials and advanced products such as instant medical diagnostic tools and platforms.

Apex Nanotek's key manufacturing technologies include the ability to produce oxidized and recombinant nano-particles through chemical, soluble, aerosol, and low pressure heated processes. The company has its own micro-biology lab in addition to nanotechnology labs. Apex Nanotek is one of the few companies in Taiwan capable of taking upstream raw material and design and produce mid to downstream nano-materials and products. The company actively develops and tests material sciences using nano-particles and the results are very exciting with broad commercial implications. The resultant products range from IT, textile, paint, glass, metal, chemical, cosmetics and home products. Apex Nanotek not only produces high quality nano-materials and products, it also actively partner with industries in facilitating their own developmental process to infuse nano-technology into their own product lines. This allows other manufacturers who otherwise could not afford the developmental overhead needed to bring about nano-technology products.

Apex Nanotek has been awarded numerous governmental recognitions and grants. This includes a three year Tawian technological exchange project plan sponsored by the Taiwan government to foster the enhancement of manufacturer quality and products as well as talents in the areas of nanotechnology. The company has, on the request and sponsorship of the government conducted nanotechnology introductions to small and medium size manufacturing entities throughout Taiwan . It is clear that Apex Nanotek is in the leadership role in the advancement of nanotechnology manufacturing in Taiwan .

Apex Nanotek has completed the internal development of its core product lines, established manufacturing facilities to reach it short term goal and is currently developing business opportunities both in Taiwan and overseas. There have been many strategic alliances formed with other manufacturers to boost their abilities to develop nanotech products as well as developing new markets for this new field. Taiwan government starting in 2006 has categorized Nanotechnology as a key strategic manufacturing technology for Taiwan and granted many preferential elements for this industry. This is indeed the era for nanotechnology and Apex Nanotek is glad to be able to foster its growth.

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